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The Practice of Service: Day 1 & 2

Kevin Strum, December 3 2019

Day 1: Practice of Service The Discipline of Service or Servanthood begins with God!  You probably already knew that.  Serving is a result of experiencing the LOVE of God.  John 3:16 says it all, “For God SO LOVED the world that He sent His only son…”  The practice of serving comes out of God’s love, not a duty!  Love has to be expressed.  One of t...

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The Practice of Meditation: Day 12

Kevin Strum, November 10 2019

There are different ways to Meditate.  One of my favorite ways is to Meditate on a Bible story or passage of Scripture.  I know this is going to surprise some of you but I’m not as intellectual as you may think.  Lol!  Don’t say what you’re thinking right now!  What I’m trying to say is that I like to use my imagination from time to time when I’m M...

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The Practice of Meditation: Day 11

Kevin Strum, November 8 2019

Did I ever tell you the one about the eaglet?  Just kidding!  You probably went back to Day 10 to see if you skipped Day 11.  Whatever!  Did you know that chickens get depressed?  Would you believe there is a lot of information on the internet about how happy or sad chickens are!  It’s true!  Google it!  I digress!  Sorry!

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