Ways To Give


3100 North Meridian Avenue‍‍

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Phone: 405.942.1240

Email: church.office@okchope.church


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Give at a Sunday gathering – Simply drop any giving into the offering baskets during the service.    

Give by mail‍‍‍ – If you're designating a donation to a specific ministry, event o‍‍‍r staff support, please make a notation in the memo area of the check.

**Mail checks to:

Hope Church

3100 North Meridian Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Give online or in the Hope Church App – Use the form to the right, enter a dollar amount, and choose whether you’d like to give once or setup a recurring gift. Regular giving is quickest in the Hope Church App. ‍‍

Giving with our finances is part of how we worship Jesus.‍

‍‍‍‍‍Hope Church is supported by the generous giving of people just like you.